about baushtelle


building a

What is it that drives us to act – any kind of action in life? What incites us to take our choices and to do what we do? To build the for us is a challenge to listen to the belief system that stays behind our decisions, behind our concepts of life. We want to observe, and perhaps question that system. To build the  is for us the challenge to create a NOT space – which is that open, that all the individual question can exist in the same time in the same space. Our aim is not to find answers but to raise questions. In the  all the individual answers, happening in the same time, are leading to new questions.

what do you believe in?

Art - Humanity - Utility - Family - God - Power - Science - Love - Trees - Economy ..?

What do we believe in? And what value system do we live with ? We see the question “What do you believe in?” as a tool to understand and be understood. It helps us to dig deep - in order to discover ourselves and get a grasp at what thrives us in life and what influences our decisions we make in life. With our discoveries and impressions we had on our 10-week-journey we will build a  in every city.

how we work

The project is divided into two phases: the research and the performance phase. In the research phase we will travel throught the three cities to explore the question “What do you believe in?”. Throughout this time, the artists will live and work in art houses rented out by the project that will serve as workspaces and meeting points of the project participants. This phase is vital since this is the time when all the ideas are conceptualized and the spirit of  takes shape. We organize an open program for visitors with lectures, concerts, talks and actions. All events (including the main performance) will be free to visit.

Research Zürich: 13 - 27 JUL
Research Beograd: 28 JUL - 9 AUG
Research Prishtinë: 10 - 23 AUG

By the time that the performance phase starts, the ideas for the  are already conceived and all the participants will know in detail how their performances will unfold. This will be the phase when all that those conceptions will be put into practice, the stages will be set up and all the technical aspects of the performances will be finalized.

Prishtinë: 5 SEP
Beograd: 12 SEP
Zürich: 19 SEP

who we are

We are humans, friends, a group of people from Prishtinë, Beograd and Zürich. We are artists, lawyers, architects, journalists, sociologists, craftsmen... We think and act globally. We believe in Baushtellë. Visit our Team.

past projects

In the summer of 2012 local and international young artists gathered in Pristina for the performance Performance “PRISHTINË – mon amour” in the burned out arena of the Palace of Youth and Sports (ex-Boro Ramiz), wrote “TË DUA” - Albanian for “I love you” - at its entrance and proclaimed their right to life and joy. More than 2000 people came to see the show on 8 September 2012. The project involved participants of all ages and all professions, from 10 years old to 80 years old pensioners; from school kids to established musicians, architects, lawyers, sociologists, actors, photographers, economists, dancers, mechanics, philosophers coming from Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia and USA. “PRISHTINË - mon amour” even reached kebab salesman from Pristina and journalists from international art magazines and foreign artists.

This project made a local and international Echo. Amongst the media that has reported about the “PRISHTINË - mon amour” performance were Deutschland Kulturradio, New York Times and many others.