Impressions from Private Recital Session concert in Belgrade

On Thursday, 6th of August, Private Recital Session held a concert in cultural center Grad. Tomor Kuçi, Visar Kasa, Edona Vatoci, Arbër Salihu i Blerta Kosova were performing their own songs in front of the garden full of people that came to hear them. The atmosphere was amazing same as the impression of the performers. It was the first time that Private Recital Session had an opportunity to play in Belgrade, which made this show even more special for them.

For more than an hour each of them had a chance to play songs they’ve written with musical support from the rest of the crew. The concert was organized as part of Baushtelle Balkan Temple research program in Belgrade. Local music support was Zaokret-group of friends and local dj-s who tends to in some of their events host different young and talented musicians.


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