Lecture: Dijana Milošević on Independent Art Scene in Belgrade

The first lecture in the research phase of Baushtellë: Balkan Temple will be held by Dijana Milošević, director and founder of DAH Theatre (Dah Teatar), who will talk about roles and possibilities of socially engaged theater in Belgrade. The talk is scheduled for 30th of July at Inex building (Višnjička 76), starting at 19:00.

  – Independent Art Scene in Belgrade
  – Roles and possibilities of engaged theater

Director Dijana Milosevic will give a lecture with the help of video footages in which certain questions will be raised:

How do we understand activism in arts? Are there many types/forms of activism in arts and what are they like? Does the independent and the alternative always go hand in hand with direct action? Is direct action something that only independent scene has a right on? What is independent art production in our surrounding? How is the independent cultural scene coping on post-Yugoslavian cultural space? What are the responsibilities of artists in tough times? Can theater be tool of peace and conflict resolution?

Activism in arts is something like personal vocation and an urge to do something for the community. Independent or alternative scene is not alone in dealing with activism, but most frequently this kind of engagement is a characteristic of independent actors in arts and theater. It also happens that alternative art slowly graduates into mainstream or becomes some kind of alternative institution, and it is always interesting to observe the transformation of these movements and their work of keeping the artistic and activist scenes alive.