Music: Private Recital Session-new sound of Pristina to be heard in Belgrade

Private Recital Session//KC Grad//6th August, 21h

Baushtellë Balkan Temple together with Zaokret  brings you quality summer sounds straight from Pristina! P(rivate) R(ecital) Session will perform in Cultural Center “Grad” on Thursday, 6th of August from 21h.

P(rivate) R(ecital) Session is a carefully-curated concert of five of the most promising singer-songwriters from Pristina: Tomor Kuçi, Visar Kasa, Edona Vatoci, Arbër Salihu and Blerta Kosova, with Bardhyl Salihu joining them in percussions. Five different songwriters and beautiful friends complement each other as each of them sings a few of their original songs. The concert merges together a variety of styles, starting from the clean and tidy piano songs, through electro-pop and up to alternative and psychedelic rock. This variety intertwines together perfectly to bring to Belgrade the unique young scene of the music of Pristina.

It all started when the five songwriters decided to make a small recital festival in Dit’ e Nat’, an important cafe-bookstore and cultural centre in Pristina, where every Wednesday each of them would perform their original songs. These sessions were extremely successful, where hundreds of people came each week to listen to contemporary songs coming out of Pristina. This led to the their performance in DAM Festival, a highly important contemporary music festival in Pristina. The five artists curated a “best-of” of their sessions in “Dit’ e Nat'” and held an impressive concert in front hundreds of people which was deemed as the beginning of a new music scene of the city. This concert was again repeated in “Lumbardhi” in Prizren, and will now come to “KC Grad” in Belgrade.

Zaokret is a weekly event of the Kišobran organization. During winter days Zaokret is found  in dark smokey bars od Belgrade, but during summer, Zaokret spends its time outdoors. Apart from being a weekly bar night, Zaokret is also a small concert agency, bringing varios band to Belgrade. This summer we are merging the two faces of Zaokret into one lovely whole with free weekly concerts  in Kc Grad’s beautiful garden. This week we present Private Recital Seesion from Pristina.

19.00 Zaokret DJ set

21.00 Private Recital Session

22.30 Zaokret DJ set


Free entrance