Performance in Zurich and goodbye!

On Satuday, 19th of September, the Humans of Baushtellë have built their last Temple.

For six hours the Fraumünster Church was transformed into a place of art, where 30 artists showed the people of Zurich their personal reactions to the question “What do you believe in”.

We are happy to announce, that we had a full house: More than 1500 visitors came to the performance of Baushtellë in Zurich.

A big thank you from the bottom of our heart to all the people that made this performance and this whole project happen. It was an honor to work with all of you.

Yesterdays performance in Zurich marks the end of the 10-week-journey. We say goodbye and are grateful for this crazy, energetic, emotional and amazing experience.



See all the pictures of the Performance in Zurich here.