Petrit Çeku at the Park

An awe-inspiring crowd gathered yesterday at the Prishtina City Park to hear Petrit speak about his love for music and play pieces on his guitar that complemented his speech. Among other things, he talked about what it means to be a virtuoso and how much practice it takes to become one, but nevertheless encouraged the people attending to pick up an instrument, even if it is just a hobby.

Petrit Çeku is an internationally acclaimed classical guitarist born in Prizren, Kosovo. His talent and dedication to music is constantly awarded and is showcased all over the world, but that is not the main reason he is in this lifelong pursuit. “I’ve had such a wonderful life because of music- not because I get to travel by playing it, but because I listen to it every day,” he said to the audience during the part of his speech where he subtly referred to the question ‘Baushtellë: Balkan Temple’ is asking: ‘What do you believe in?’

Some of the audience members commented on the way the trees and the birds became part of Petrit’s performance, referring to the experience as ‘magical.’ This event was the second public event done in Prishtina as part of Baushtellë’s research phase. There are four more of those to come: tonight we will have a teatime discussion with Pastor Niklaus Peter at HackerShtellë, on Friday we are opening Rron Qena’s personal exhibition at the Faculty of Arts, on Saturday we have a group of Whirling Dervishes coming all the way from Turkey to give a performance, and next Wednesday we wrap up our research phase with a concert at Dit’ e Nat’. Join the fun!


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