Beograd: What do you believe in?

12 SEP – 17:00 – 23:00

We invite you to witness an event with more than 30 performances from humans of different cities and backgrounds, together shaping one big reaction to the question ‘What do you believe in?’

The roots of our art project have been watered by all those who have come across the name ‘Baushtellë: Balkan Temple’ and given their input. This exchange is most visible in the large database our website has created from visitors who submitted their answers into the ‘What do you believe in?’ box.

Love. Spiderman. Infinity. Rainy days. Unity. Sunglasses, Honesty. Music. Free Will. Mountain Fairies. Nature. Elvis. Lights. God. Symmetry. Monsters. Childhood. The Big Bang. While they tell us a lot, words are not enough to express the genuine conflict a human being goes through when faced with such a question. A combination of different forms of artistic expression, though, can maybe help us paint a clearer picture of what belief means for us. And this is what we are doing.

September 12th will mark the 62nd day of us living together as a crew. During our research phase, we have held 21 public events in the cities of Zurich, Beograd and Prishtinë. So now we are doing this performance to complete the process that this journey put us through.