Radovan Hirsl shows his “Urban Totems” at Rote Fabrik

Come and admire the unique figures of Radovan Hirsl. Baushtellë will show his exhibition “Urban Totems” the whole Thursday, 23rd of July, in the Clubraum of Rote Fabrik.

Radovan Hirsl, 62, is a hippie, a punk, a child that never stopped playing. He is an influential and well-known artist from Beograd, who has been living in Zurich for forty years now. His “Urban Totems” are made out of souvenirs, which he collects in second-hand stores. “When people travel, they buy souvenirs. In the beginning this things fulfill their purpose and make us happy. But when times go by these things lose their emotional value and we sell them for cheap money”, says Hirsl.

The 62-year old artists combines the discarded objects from Papa Neuguinea, Japan, the cost of Croatia or the mountains of Austria to new figures, who awake the emotions which are still bonded to them to new life. Hirsl sees his creations as totems for urban tribes.  “In every city countless urban tribes are formed: the punks, the squatters, the skaters, neo-hippies. They identify with a specific music type, behavior and certain clothing”, he explains.

The work he is doing describes Hirsl as followed: “One day I told myself, I don’t want to be an artist anymore. That doesn’t interest me. Now I’m a handyman and I create totems for urban tribes. That is my game.”

We are happy and honored that this great Human visits us with his “Urban Totems” at Baushtellë this Thursday.