Music: Swiss band Europa performs in Belgrade for the first time

Baushtellë Balkan Temple will host Swiss band Europa in Inex Film building (Višnjička 76) on 31st July from 21:00.

The expression Neue Leichtigkeit (New Ease) obviously is an analogy to the music of Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). Kurt Weills proclaiming quote “In our music we want to give the voice to the man of our days, and he should speak to many” is underlined by New Ease. If we want to achieve this, our music has to be different, because humanity and conditions have changed. One of the key stylistic elements therefore is reaction. The first step in composition is the adaption of well known and accepted song-structures. New Ease manifests itself in the lax treatment of existing song-material and the almost dadaistic jumbling of german poetry with kitsch. – In an unusual way Europa comments the crisis of the post-modern society with seemingly simple love songs. Therefore New Ease is more than just a genre of music; New Ease is a way of life!

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