Stephan Eberhard

// Artist
// Age: Twenty Nine
// From: Zürich (CH)

Stephan Eberhard is an actor, performer, stilts dancer and a reflective practitioner of cultural science. He studied Romance languages and English, literature, linguistics, pedagogy, cultural and gender studies in Berlin and Potsdam (Germany), Hyderabad (India) and Montpellier (France) – where he also attended one of the state circus schools. As a stilts dancer and performer he has worked for different companies and on his own shows in a couple of different European countries. Stephan did documentaries on „Creative forms of protest in Tunisia“ and „Rap and Democracy in Mali“ and has given several workshops and symposia for young and old on the political and philosophical power of HipHop. In Berlin – where he lived during the last eight years – he worked in different theatre and performance collectives. Most recently, he is studying theatre at HKB, the Arts University in Bern.

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