Teatime with Pastor Niklaus Peter


Wednesday evening (August 19) found us re-using the pillows from the Petrit Çeku concert and making ourselves some tea. That made for a comfortable discussion out in the HackerShtellë yard. It started out with a talk by the Pastor of Fraumünster Church, Niklaus Peter. He opened up by introducing religion as a language of self-understanding which lies in a cosmos of many other languages.

“You cannot avoid difficult questions. If you do that, you lose yourself,” he said while handing out pieces of paper with ‘The Parable of the Madman’ by Nietzsche on it. Towards the end of his speech, he expressed concern about the fact that the Church has lost the good artists, because it is oftentimes the artists who ask the difficult questions and challenge beliefs.

The Fraumünster Church in Zürich will be used by Baushtellë as a performance space on September 19th, a date which also marks the finalization of the project. Right now, we are towards the end of our research phase. Three more events in Prishtina and then the crew’s efforts will go 100% into finalizing the performance which will first see the light of day on September 5th.

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Photos by Mario Topic.